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The Hua Momona Farm

Our 25-acre facility and working farm sits atop the scenic Kapalua Resort at Honolua Ridge within The Plantation Estates gated community. Formed in 2017, the small Hua Momona Farms team of eight worked tirelessly to prepare the land and construct the necessary equipment and resources. Launching in early 2019, we are proud to say we have direct sales and delivery to over 50 restaurants and resorts in both Maui and Oahu and quickly became the #1 supplier on the two major Hawaiian Islands. We have a state of the art 4,000 square foot greenhouse which serves as the hub of activity and growing operations. The favorable climate and environment at the farm include an elevation of 1100 feet with range of temperatures and climate zones. Potable and non-potable water help our self-sufficient nature and operations.
Hua Momona Farms Microgreens



Hawaii’s first premium microgreens grown on the fertile island of Maui. 

 Our proprietary ingredients and process produces the highest quality microgreens which yield greater nutrient density. In the world of farming, there is dirt and then there is soil. Understanding the difference is a make or break requirement. Once that recognition is achieved myriad nuances of recipe creation may commence and the differences between soil for root vegetables and soil for Microgreens are as varied as brownie recipes. And speaking of brownies, our Farm Manager, PJ Sabatino has his grandma’s recipe!

In all seriousness, the ingredients baked into our soil are not only sourced from the world over, our organically managed distribution center maintains the highest international standards for agricultural supply, enabling Hua Momona Farms to grow some of the most robust and flavorful microgreens available anywhere.

Incorporating a dozen separate items, carefully measured to the gram for consistency, ensures the fertile beds for our seeds will always deliver a superior product for your plates.

Hua Momona Farms Microgreens



With our proprietary trade processes, we are able to provide superior values to our customers. Not only do we provide the highest quality microgreens in the market, we have the largest capacity of any microgreen farm in the state. 

Our products have an average refrigerated shelf life of 14 days vs. 5 days for competitors translating to a 35% savings in food costs when considering waste from shorter shelf life products.  

Hua Momona’s top to bottom ownership of the supply chain on both Maui and Oahu allow for a more consistent and reliable partnership.

Hua Momona Farms Microgreens