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Hua Momona Foundation

Hua Momona Foundation


Helping provide food to those on Maui with food insecurity and educating the youth of Maui on agriculture opportunities.

The Hua Momona Foundation was created by the team at Hua Momona Farms to benefit and serve the needs of their Maui community. 
The charitable efforts for the Foundation are focused on the following pillars:

  • Assisting the poor, the distressed, and the underprivileged of the island of Maui by providing food;
  • Introducing the youth of Maui to “Sustainable Agriculture in action” and helping to showcase future job opportunities
Hua Momona Foundation

Highlights of Giving to Date:

Over 20 tons of food distributed since 2020 to those with food insecurity in Maui:

  • 2000 food boxes total - Donated food for two Major Kapalua food drive giveaways in late 2020. Nearly 1000 food boxes delivered in each event to those with food insecurity.
  • 200 food boxes total - Donated farm produce boxes weekly to Maui Rapid Response since 2020 to assist those transitioning from the street into housing. Over 50 families served.
  • 1200 food boxes total - Consistently donated produce to both Ka Hale A Ke Ola Homeless Resource Centers every week since 2020. Over 40,000 meals provided.
    Hua Momona Foundation Giving

    From Our Non-Profit Partners:

    “Ka Hale A Ke Ola Homeless Shelters is so grateful to Hua Momona Farms for their generosity and care for our families in our shelters! Every week HMF brings fresh, nutritious vegetables for our shelter residents! Our cooks use the produce to cook nutritious, healthy meals or we offer food boxes to the families in need!  What a blessing and gift to have high quality food, grown on Maui, for our shelter guests! Mahalo piha HMF!” – Monique Ibarra, Executive Director
    “What started as a response to the Covid 19 shutdown transitioned to a small-scale program, built on trust, that filled families on the edge of financial or food security with local produce when it was needed. Mahalo, Hua Momona Farms for trusting in our work to make sure the pukas (holes) are filled in the community as the need arises.” – Nicole Huguenin, Maui Rapid Response/Chilis on Wheels

      Hua Momona Foundation KHAKO Partner

      Future Endeavors:

      The Foundation has vision to support and grow their charitable efforts on the island through both agriculture activities, direct donations/contributions of food products and support and participation on fundraising events.
      Plans include hosting functions to support non-profits, pop-up meal services with their mobile kitchen trailer and expanding their provisioning and distribution of fresh local produce from partner farms and growers. 
      Growth Phase 2022-2023:
      Charter sponsorship phase 2022 – investing now to enable self-sustaining high impact operations
      • Charter benefactors and charter partners help to prime the sustaining model
        - Commissioning of a 40 ft mobile kitchen trailer to support fund raising dinners and pop up hot meal distribution with partner Chef Collective Hui …for those with food insecurity (trailer wrap to display partner logos)
        - Provisioning of fresh local produce and proteins from a variety of growers and suppliers for weekly distribution to partners serving the homeless (Maui Rapid Response and Ka Hale A Ke Ola Homeless Resource Centers, over one ton of produce per month to serve families)
      • Partner Hua Momona Farms is hosting space in a special purpose barn to create Hale lā Huna, a gathering place for Foundation functions:
        - Special farm-to-table dinner events to fund sustained community support
        - Host partnering non-profits for co-fund raising events
        - Maui youth agriculture education series “Sustainable Agriculture in action”
      *** Sponsorship information available by request ***
      Hale lā Huna, a gathering place for Foundation functions
      • 40 ft mobile kitchen (trailer & hauler)
      • 2400 sq ft barn pavilion
      • Video wall
      • Drone light show


      Hua Momona Foundation Barn Hua Momona Foundation Barn Hua Momona Foundation Barn

      Hua Momona Foundation is an authorized charity by the State of Hawaii with IRS 501c3 status (tax ID 87-1337204) helping provide food to those on Maui with food insecurity and educating the youth of Maui on agriculture opportunities.
      246 Keoawa St, Lahaina, HI 96761  |  Contact: tina.carranza@huamomonafarms.com